DB VHF TV Transmitters - Liquid Cooled Multistand.

DB VHF TV Transmitters - Liquid Cooled Multistand.

VHF Multistandard TV Transmitter 5.500 - 20.000 W
Model/Product no.: DB-MT

MT Series - Liquid Cooled VHF Solid State Television Transmitters
Digital upgradable. Thanks to the high linearity of the internal MOSFET amplifier modules, the MT Series transmitters are designed to grant extremely high performances for analog modulation and digital television modulation (DVB-T, ATSC,etc...). Each MT's Series transmitter is also easily upgradeable for digital transmission. Optional kits are available for field digital upgrading. This reduces the cost of later upgrade to digital while providing the best quality of analogue service currently available.
New MOSFET technology. Using the latest MOSFET technology and a new PA design, the MT Series transmitters are extremely rugged, with excellent thermal characteristics, exhibiting at the same time superior IMD and linearity performances.
Broadband. The amplification circuits are fully broadband, so enabling a fast and agile frequency change without needing any retuning.
Modular assembly. Easy removable identical and interchangeable power amplifier modules and power supplies simplify the maintenance, reducing spare requirement and service costs.
Full control logic unit. A powerful control logic unit allows full local or remote (optional) control of the transmitter or amplifier. Available as option also the SMS remote managing system or the TCP/IP web server system to meet any requirement for remote control networks.
On-air serviceability. Power supplies and power amplifier modules can be safely removed during operation, for on-air maintenance. Failure or module removal keep always transmitter on-air.
High redundancy. High on-air reliability is assured by using multiple power amplifier modules, each comprised of multiple internal PA's, with independent power supplies and optional dual exciter or dual driver configurations.
Dual driver. High on-air reliability is assured by using optional dual driver configuration.
Power supply. A rugged, high-efficiency (> 93%) switching power supply support each PA module. Power supplies are protected from incoming AC line overvoltage, overcurrent, transient and lightning and are equipped with power factor control circuitry to meet all standards for mains network disturbances.
Electronic protections system gives full reliability and protects the units against all system or environmental anomalies.
Advanced LCD monitoring system provide full front panel transmitter control capabilities and extensive metering. Standard or special remote control interface are also available.
Liquid cooling. An oversized heat exchanger suitable for outdoor or indoor installation and equipped with single or double (optional) pump system for maximum redundancy, is the main component of the powerful liquid cooling system. A special design of liquid cooled heatsinks inside the amplifier and a low pressure liquid distribution system are some of the main characteristics of the DB liquid cooling systems. This assures very high reliability of the cooling system, easy installation and very high cooling efficiency for perfect operation also in very hard climatic conditions. Substantial advantages of our liquid cooling system respect to air cooling are:

- Perfect work in hard ambient conditions

- Guaranteed operation also in very dusty locations, with high humidity or salinity

- Acustic noise almost absent

- Reduced heat radiation into the environment

- Longer life for transistors and active elements due to colder operation
Meets or exceeds all international standards for safety and electrical requirements.

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