Suono Telecom FM Transmitters

Broadcast Store Europe offers high quility FM Transmitters from Suono Telecom. 

Please feel free to contact us the get consultancy in choosing the right FM broadcast transmitter solution for your station from Suono Telecom.


Suono Telecom was founded in the late 70's by a specialist team that since 1975 manufactured FM transmitters and radio links for the emergent market of private broadcasting.


Suono Telecom offers a wide range of professional FM transmitters in stereo or mono/mpx with power rates from 50W to 5kW. All FM transmitters can be upgraded with an extra RDS option. 


In addition to the reliable ESVA series, Suono Telecom has released the ESVB series, which all have features and functions considered indispensable in today's high class equipments, such as top energy efficiency, telemetry LAN, IP connection and N+1 configuration.