GSM Repeaters

Missing contact? If your telephone or smart phone has a bad signal, we can offer you a repeater solution for your house, office, factory, warehouse, cellar, parking house or whereever you have a need for a GSM repeater.

Our GSM / Smartphone boosters is working on the GSM, DCS, UMTS and 3 G bands.

Dealers requests are welcome.

GSM900 - DCS 1800 - UMTS 2100 Band The MICROSET ®
local repeaters/field extender kits here presented are reliable equipments, with high and excellent operation. The typical application is in Buildings where the outside signal is good and it is required to improve the inside signal otherwise low or absent , or in outdoor installation for low signal level areas.

The result of high technology research and Development of MICROSET ®; International Patent since 1995; CE test approval by 0523 -1987 Notify Bodies, free use in all the European Countries, used and appreciated in more than 40 Countries in the World.
Don't use imitations! They are poor, unreliable, without CE approval and dangerous to use!

Model Selection and Technical support
In the Table on the following pages it is reported the operative coverage of different models; it is possible to expand the indoor coverage of every repeater over multi-floors and separated shielded areas by expanding kit splitter.
In case of large applications as shopping centres, hotels, big factories, warehouses, hospitals etc., it possible to require MICROSET ® technical support for custom design system with all hardware and installation project.