EuroCaster GAAF/6M Unbalanced FM Power Splitters 6 Out 5kW Aluminium

GAAF/6M, Unbalanced Power Divider Splitter, Connector in 7/8 out 7/16
Model/Product no.: LI-GAAF/6M

EuroCaster GAAF/6M

They are made of aluminum and externally powder painted. With PTFE insulator and washers o-ring on connectors and closure caps. Here you can find the various models and the typical partition reports that usually serve to realize antenna systems with reduced secondary lobes or complex structure.


Typical partition reports, others on request:

(90%-10%) , (80%-20%) , (70%-30%),

(80%-10%-10%), (70%-15%-15%), (40%-40%-20%), (45%-45%-10%)

(45%-45%-5%-5%), (40%-40%-10%-10%), (35%-35%-15%-15%)


N° Outputs: 6

Connector In: 7/8

Connector Out: 7/16

Power: 5 kW

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