Wavenet BS-5000 Mobile radio-link transmitter

Wavenet BS-5000 Mobile radio-link transmitter

The BS-5000 base transmitter is a long range broadcast quality audio radio link, designed for an easy handling and high reliability

Model/Product no.: WN-BS-5000

WAVENET Mobile radio-link transmitter BS-5000

The Wavenet BS-5000 base transmitter is a long range broadcast quality audio radio link, designed for an easy handling and high reliability.

BS-5000 transmitter has a RF power above 30W with up to 200 selectable working frequencies (174 to 500 MHz- 40MHz window). This device has been made using the highest current manufacturing standards. It has SW controlled protection redundancy developed by Wavenet.

Wavenet BS-5000 also has 5 inputs with switchable micro-line gain selector. This versatility allows you to virtually manage with any situation.

It has a complete backligthed display with navigation keys acting and posing all parameters, alarms and equipment selections.

This system can be easily transported by mean of a handle buit-in in one of its sides.

Accepts 90-250VAC and 9-36VDC powering, allowing its use in any situation.

It may be optionally remotely controlled by Ethernet.

Technical characteristics

Frequency generation By mean of a PLL controlled digital synthesizer with 4 buttons for direct selection of four requencies.
Transmission frequency 174 to 500 MHz programmable (window of 40 MHz depending on versions).
Channels Up to 200 programmable.
Modulation FM +/- 20 kHz (other ones under request).
Power 30W over 50 Ohm.
RF output connector N female on the rear panel.
RF output impedance 50 Ohms.
DSP 16 bit digital signal processor for managing and controlling the system, including 16 A/D and 16 D/A converters.
Frequency stability Better than +/- 1 ppm from -10C to +50C.
AF bandwidth 5 / 7.5 / 10 y 12.5 kHz configurable.
Distortion Better tahn 0.3%
Audio input connectors 5 XLR3 female and mic /líne selector.
Input impedance 600 Ohms and 10 kOhms balanced.
Mixing controls for each one and PFL (pre-monitoring).
Monitoring 6.35 mm stereo connector with volume control and > 200mW output.
Input audio level Micro: between -68 and -35 dBm.
Line: between 0 and +12 dBm.
Spurious Better than 65 dBc.
NR system ON/OFF selectable?Silenzo+? compressor-limiter.
SNR >65dB at 75 us pre-emphasis and 20 kHz modulation.
Residual asynchronous AM modulation Better than -60 dBc.
Residual synchrounous AM modulation Better than -50 dBc.
Pre-emphasis 50us / 75us / No pre-emphasis.
Mechanized aluminum case.
Dimensions 355x85x295 mm with rack 19? 2U adaptor and handle transport.
Powering Continuous 90 to 250 VAC - IEC connector
Continuous 9 to 36VDC - 15 pins Sub-D male connector.
Consumption Below 200 W.
Thermal range -10 C to +50 C.
Weight 4.2 kg
Ventilation 2 fans for forced convection.
Protections ROE, thermal, VDC reverse polarity.
ON/OFF switch.
9 pins Sub-D connector for serial programming in the rear pannel.
This equipment has a 4 lines x 20 characteers display with four buttons for menu navigation. It shows, among others, indications and adjustment of:
    - Working frequency.
    - Direct access to 4 preset frequencies.
    - Transmitted power.
    - Reflected power.
    - Modulation levels.
    - Pre-emphasis.
    - Compressor-limiter.
    - Thermal and ROE alarms.
    - Power source indication.
    - Screen contrast.
    - Screen back light.
    - Power ON LED indication.
    - PLL engage/disengage LED indication.
    - ROE alarm LED indication.
    - Thermal alarm LED indication.

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