Sound Ideas - Radio Active

Sound Ideas - Radio Active

Model/Product no.: SI-Radio Active
Created by recording and processing shortwave radio signals as they bounce against each other and the upper reaches of Earths atmosphere, Radioactive is a sci fi sound effects collection unlike any other. This collection of 200 eerie wave forms, pans, sweeps, phasers, communications, shimmers, bubbles, beeps, static, monsters and apparitions has a unique flavour all of its own, and a nearly limitless range of possibilities for your applications.

Among the edge of reality effects represented on this 2 CD set you will find these gems:

Space Monster Screams
Phaser Morph
Shimmering Space Bells
Ringing Soundscape
Space Ribbon with Whine
Time Travel Reverb
Shuttle Craft Engine Room
Steady Bubble Gyro Delay
Alien Tractor Beam Sequence
Evil Diablo Wave
Vortex Entry
Single Ray Gun Blast
Rumbling Wind Whoosh
Solar Wind and Waves
Predatory Black Hole
Phaser Wave Boomerang
Electric Tubescape
Distorted Space Guitar
Fading Bubble Chirp
Galactic Spacescape Hum and many others.

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