InnovAction FM Transmitters

Broadcast Store Europe offers InnovAction FM Broadcast Transmitters. You will often finde InnovAction FM Transmitters and FM Exciters inside other FM Transmitter brands, and other manufactures often rely on InnovAction to develope and produce the FM Exciter. Here you get the real stuff at the best prices!

InnovAction concentrates in its experience more than thirty years of experience in the broadcast industry, starting from AKRON in 1976, a pioneer brand of the Italian Broadcast since the beginning of the private Radios and Televisions in Italy.

The company is specialized in the developing and manufacturing of professional RF and Broadcasting equipment for Radio and TV applications, complete analog and digital transmitters, high-tech components and amplifiers for research, industrial, medical, military and special applications use.

InnovAction designs and produces OEM components, modules and complete systems for several well established manufacturers of Radio and TV transmitters all over the world. Its activity as a high-technology supplier, is completed with its complete Product Portfolio of professional Equipment for Broadcasting marked InnovAction.

The products are developed by using the most advanced technologies, last generation components, innovative design and state of the art engineering to achieve higher efficiency, excellent quality and unique cost/performance ratio.

InnovAction 's FM product line includes a complete portfolio of professional analog and DDS Exciters, compact Transmitters, Modular Amplifiers and High Power Transmitters of a power range up to 60 kW, available with air or liquid cooling, in order to guarantee safe ope-ration and higher MTBF in all environmental conditions. Besides all the critical components are treated against dust, humidity and pollution to provide a safe and stable operation and to optimize and guarantee a maximum MTBF and to minimize the reparation time.

On this webpage, you will find Broadcast Store Europe's choice of InnovAction fm transmitters in stereo, for best broadcast solutions.