DB Mozart 500 FM Transmitter stereo 500 watt

DB Mozart 500 FM Transmitter stereo 500 watt

3.090,00 EUR 3.990,00 EUR

New Green RF technology with high efficiency - 70% typically
Model/Product no.: DB-Mozart500
 STEREO GENERATOR: High performance built-in digital stereo coder provides separation typical>65dB
 Signal/noise ratio >80dB assures the highest audio quality.
 Input sensitivity and output deviation adjustable with high precision of 0,05dB trough display interface or remotely by WEB.
 AES/EBU digital stereo audio interface available as option.
 Limiter keeps the maximum frequency deviation within international requirements to avoid over-modulation and adjacent channels invasion, the limiter levels can be set from the front panel.
 Audio Monitor function:
- The audio inputs are monitored with programmable levels and times thresholds in order to trigger the change-over and generate alarms or warnings.
- Log file with activity of the Audio Monitor and Change-over.
- Thresholds audio levels and times of confutation set from front panel or remotely.

 Reduced maintenance. Easy accessibility of all parts, external serviceable cooling air filters, very high MTBF for RF and power supply modules, are only some of the characteristics that explain the very high reduction of maintenance costs obtained.
 N+1 facility (optional). N+1 facility control available to modify remotely the frequency and power output for redundant systems.
 High frequency stability, in short and long terms, is assured by Digital Phase Locked Loop circuit with low drift VTCXO
 External reference oscillator: 10 MHz input SMA 0 dBm, enable SFN syncronization (Single Frequency Network)
 Frequency Agile Broadband programmability from the front LCD panel with 10 KHz steps without any tuning or adjustment.
 Meets or exceeds all the international standards for safety and electrical specifications.
 Switch-mode power supply with power factor control.
- Highly efficient and widely over-rated power supply modules insure low heating
- Low AC power consumption and superior reliability.
- The power factor control circuitry meets all the international requirements for mains network disturbances.

The new series of amplifier in GREEN RFT use last generation Wideband RF Power LDMOS Transistors These high ruggedness devices, MRFE6VP61K25HSR5 are designed for use in high VSWR industrial (including laser and plasma exciters), broadcast (analog and digital), aerospace and radio/land mobile applications. They are unmatched input and output designs allowing wide frequency range utilization, between 1.8 and 600 MHz.

GREEN RFT technology combines the new RF Power LDMOS Transistors with 65:1 VSWR with the wordd wide famous patented COLD FETT and provides:

 Lowest weight and dimensions in the industry
 LOWEST 2 YEARS COSTS: transmitter price + 2 years AC power consumption costs
+ 3 years maintenance fees is the lowest total amount in the market.
 This advantage increases years by years.
 3 YEARS OF ENERGY SAVING are enough to repay the transmitter purchase cost
 Ultra High RF efficiency ( >80 % typ.) software optimized for each power level.
 Lower AC power consumption
 Lower device heating
 Lower room heating
 Lower space occupied
 Lower maintenance needed
 Small dimensions and low weight, reduce transport costs and simplifying the logistic.
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